RBA Annual Conference – 1991 List of Conference Participants

Fred Argy EPAC
John Astbury National Australia Bank
Richard Beetham Insurance & Superannuation Commission
Joseph Bisignano Bank for International Settlements
Achut Bommakanti ANZ Bank
Barry Brownjohn Bank of America Australia
Michael Cannon-Brookes Cannon-Brookes & Co.
Jeffrey Carmichael Bond University
Tony Cole Department of the Treasury
Lyndell Deves Commonwealth Bank
Rob Ferguson Bankers Trust Australia
Vince FitzGerald The Allen Consulting Group
Stephen Grenville Reserve Bank of Australia
Ian Harper University of Melbourne
Tony Hartnell Australian Securities Commission
Bruce Hogan Bankers Trust Australia
Warren Hogan University of Sydney & Westpac
Ed Kane The Ohio State University
Ian Macfarlane Reserve Bank of Australia
John McMurtrie UBS Australia
Ross Milbourne University of New South Wales
Allan Moss Macquarie Bank
Les Phelps Baring Securities Australia
John Phillips Reserve Bank of Australia
Don Sanders Commonwealth Bank
Chris Stewart Bank of Melbourne
John Thom Citibank Ltd.
Graeme Thompson Reserve Bank of Australia
Rick Turner State Bank of New South Wales
Tom Valentine University of Technology Sydney
Ewen Waterman Department of the Treasury
Al Wojnilower First Boston Asset Management Corporation