Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1987 Reserve Bank Board

Photograph of Chairman R.A. Johnston

R.A. Johnston
, A.C.

(18 July 1989)

Photograph of M.J. Phillips

Deputy Chairman
M.J. Phillips
, A.M.

Deputy Governor
(10 March 1994)

Photograph of B.W Fraser

D.N Sanders, C.B., resigned as Deputy Governor 10 March 1987 M.J. Phillips was appointed Deputy Governor 11 March 1987 (Expiry date of present term in brackets)

B.W Fraser

Secretary to the Treasury

Photograph of Peter Abeles

Sir Peter Abeles

(1 August 1989)

Photograph of Sir Samuel Burston

Sir Samuel Burston, O.B.E.

(15 September 1987)

Photograph of J.N. Davenport

J.N. Davenport, A.O.,

D.S.O., D.EC.*, G.M.
(15 September 1987)

Photograph of C.H. Fitzgibbon

C.H. Fitzgibbon, A.O.

(7 December 1988)

Photograph of R.G. Gregory

R.G. Gregory

(20 November 1990)

Photograph of Sir Gordon Jackson

Sir Gordon Jackson, A.K.

(20 November 1990)