Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report – 2000 EEO Policy Committee Terms of Reference


The role of the Committee is to assist the Bank to achieve its aims for equal opportunity in employment (as specified in Appendix 1).


The Committee has the following functions:

  • to make recommendations to the Bank on EEO principles and policy;
  • to keep under examination the development of an appropriate EEO program for the Bank;
  • to monitor and report periodically to the Governor on EEO matters.


The Committee comprises four members:

  • Chairperson – appointed by the Governor;
  • Deputy Chairperson – Head of Personnel Policy – ex-officio;
  • an employee nominated by the Reserve Bank Officers' Section of the Finance Sector Union; and
  • an employee nominated by the Bank.

The members nominated by the Union and the Bank may each have an alternate. The Manager, Employment Conditions Section, Personnel Policy Department, participates as a non-voting member in all meetings of the Committee. The Committee may invite participation in discussion by staff or unions representing particular work areas or having particular expertise in the matters under consideration.


Three members must be present to constitute a quorum, including the Chairperson or Deputy Chairperson; the Bank Representative or Alternate; and the FSU Representative or Alternate. The Senior Analyst, Employment Conditions acts as Secretary to the Committee (ex-officio).

Current Members
Geoff Board Chairperson    
Keith Hall Deputy Chairperson    
Clarita Imperial Bank Representative Melissa Hope Bank Alternate
Lucy Carmona FSU Representative Lyn Grivell FSU Alternate
John Anderson Co-Opted Member    
Rob Thompson Manager, Employment Conditions    
Collette Garrett Acting Secretary