Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report – 2000 Consultation

Informing Employees

During the year staff were informed about a range of EEO-related issues through Bank publications, Bank training courses and local management discussions. EEO segments were included in the Induction, Supervision and Management programs. A copy of the Bank's EEO Annual Report 1999 was distributed to each member of staff. At the beginning of each appraisal year staff acknowledge that they have re-read the Bank's Standards of Conduct which includes reference to the Bank's Discrimination & Harassment policy.

The Bank's staff information sheet about employment matters, Staff Matters, was issued regularly during the year and distributed to all employees. It included commentary on a range of EEO issues. The Internet, E-mail and Fax Guidelines were revised during the year and circulated to staff. These guidelines include reference to disciplinary action which may follow any use of these systems for the distribution of offensive material. In August a Personnel Policy web site was added to the Bank's intranet to provide staff with easy access to information released on personnel issues. The Bank's monthly in-house staff magazine, Currency, included items on a range of EEO-related issues. A collection of EEO resources, including videos on workplace harassment and discrimination and various personnel publications, is maintained for use by managers and staff. Over 1999/2000, Bank management and staff representatives also jointly participated in various committees which consider issues relevant to EEO. These include the EEO Policy Committee, the Grievance Authority, the Officers' Superannuation Fund Board of Trustees, the National and Workplace Occupational Health and Safety Committees, and the Reserve Bank Health Fund Friendly Society Limited.

Staff are informed about EEO issues through Bank publications, training courses and local management discussions.

Consultation with Workplace Unions

During the year consultations with workplace unions occurred regarding the development and implementation of Productivity Bargaining Agreement agenda items. Consultation also took place to progress award simplification and other general conditions of employment.