Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report – 2000 Appendix 1

EEO Plan 1997–2000

This is the Bank's fifth plan for activities related to EEO; details of the previous plan were set out in the Bank's EEO Annual Report for 1997. Major components of the 1997–2000 plan are:

Staff Selection

Objective:To ensure that openness and fairness are observed at all stages of the selection process.

EEO Plan Goals

  • General entry requirements to the Bank adhere to principles of equity and merit.
  • Position descriptions reflect inherent job requirements and do not unfairly exclude potential applicants.
  • Accountability for EEO is clearly indicated on appropriate position descriptions.
  • Instructions on selection procedures are clear and provide consistent and fair treatment.
  • Staff involved in selection decisions have had appropriate recent training and hold up-to-date Selection Panel Guidelines etc.
  • Selection panel members, where practicable, reflect the gender and cultural diversity of applicants.
  • The Bank is able to attract suitably qualified graduates and cadets from the EEO groups proportional to their representation in relevant graduate populations.
  • Outcomes indicate that equity and merit have been adhered to in selection decisions.
  • Participation of the EEO designated groups is encouraged in the Bank's employment through, for example, the provision of work experience and advertising vacancies in relevant media.

Career Development & Staff Training

Objective:To ensure that staff are aware of, and have equal access to, appropriate training and development opportunities.

EEO Plan Goals

  • Access to a range of development opportunities is equitable, directed to the Bank's needs and assists in the retention of valued staff.
  • All staff have access to information on RBA career opportunities and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own career management and employability.
  • Performance appraisals are used effectively to identify training and development needs.
  • All supervisors receive “core” supervisory skills training.
  • The content and atmosphere of internal training courses are consistent with EEO principles.
  • Staff returning from extended leave, in particular women returning from parental leave, attend required refresher training.
  • Any required English skills training is available to staff within usual approval constraints.
  • Any barriers to staff undertaking further learning are identified.

Conditions of Employment

Objective:To ensure that personnel policies and practices are fair and equitable and assist in the retention of valued staff by, wherever practical, accommodating individual differences.

EEO Plan Goals

  • Information regarding conditions of employment is accessible to all staff.
  • Procedures are in place to eliminate workplace harassment and discrimination.
  • Grievance procedures are understood and workplace grievances are handled effectively.
  • Staff performance is assessed objectively and there is equity and fairness in performance pay outcomes.
  • Personnel policies and practices encourage the return to work and retention of staff with family responsibilities.
  • “Reasonable adjustment” is made for staff with disabilities to enable greater participation.
  • Managers and staff are aware of their responsibilities and rights under EEO legislation.
  • Personnel Policy monitors the Bank's personnel policies, practices and procedures to ensure their implementation is in accordance with EEO principles.