Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report – 1996 Responsibility for Equal Employment Opportunity

Responsibility for oversight of the Bank's equal opportunity program rests with the EEO Policy Committee and Personnel Policy Department. The Committee meets on a quarterly basis to identify and prioritise EEO issues within the Bank, and to monitor the branches' and departments' EEO plans. The Terms of Reference of the EEO Policy Committee are set out in Appendix 1.

The Development Section of Personnel Policy Department combines the provision of EEO policy advice and support with more general responsibility for staff development policy in the Bank. This section researches EEO policy issues, provides EEO training material, liaises with department and branch EEO contact managers, coordinates and monitors EEO plans, disseminates information and maintains links with the finance and Commonwealth sectors in relation to equity matters.

As part of the decentralisation of decision making on personnel matters, managers across the Bank are responsible for ensuring that EEO principles are reflected in practice in their own area. Each department and branch has a nominated EEO contact manager and reports back to Personnel Policy on a six-monthly basis on specific initiatives undertaken and any actions proposed for the next six month period.

At Note Printing Australia (NPA), a separate business unit of the Bank, responsibility for EEO rests with the Human Resources Department, with the joint Union/Management Committee serving as the official forum for EEO issues.