Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report – 1996 Objectives of The Program & Selection of Indicators

The Bank seeks to ensure that there are no policies or practices that discriminate unfairly against staff, in particular the EEO designated groups. Merit is the sole basis for staffing decisions. EEO policies and practices are in place to increase the awareness of managers and supervisors to any biases that may influence their personnel management decisions.

An established EEO program operates within the Bank and requires the preparation of an individual EEO plan on a six-monthly basis in each branch and department. The master plan sets out a series of EEO-related aims and goals under the following headings: staff selection, career development, staff training, staff appraisal, health and safety, and conditions of employment. The plan has been extended for an additional year to June 1997. Details are presented in Appendix 2.

A range of indicators has been selected to monitor the progress of EEO groups in the Bank. These include salary ranges, salaried classification levels, average incomes, occupational groups, and staff movements – recruitment, promotions, transfers and resignations. Data are also maintained on retention rates following parental leave, participation in training and development, and the provision of study assistance.