Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report – 1996 Appendix 2

EEO Plan 1994–1997

The Bank has developed its fourth plan for activities related to EEO; details of the previous plan were set out in the Bank's EEO Annual Report for 1990/91. Major components of the current plan are:

Staff Selection

Aim: To ensure that openness and fairness are observed at all stages of the selection process.

EEO Plan Goals

  • Review selection procedures to determine how effectively EEO principles are observed.
  • Encourage suitable representation on selection panels, particularly for positions that attract high application rates from women, NESB, ATSI or PWD.
  • Encourage selection panels to properly assess and take into account qualifications and skills of NESB staff applying for positions.
  • Ensure that people with disabilities are not disadvantaged by the recruitment and selection processes.
  • Ensure that the Bank is able to recruit and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

Career development

Aim: To ensure that staff are aware of and have equal access to appropriate development opportunities.

EEO plan goals

  • Ensure staff from EEO groups are aware of career development opportunities.
  • Broaden career choices for women in positions with limited career progression.
  • Increase managers/supervisors awareness of their role in assisting the career development of staff.
  • Examine current policies, procedures and practices to ensure they provide appropriate development opportunities for EEO groups.

Staff training

Aim: To ensure appropriate training is available and that staff have equal access to relevant internal and external training courses.

EEO plan goals

  • Ensure the design of internal and external development/training courses caters as far as practicable for the needs of EEO groups.
  • Increase the awareness of EEO groups to training opportunities offered by the Bank.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of English in the workplace training conducted by the Bank including its impact on career opportunities.
  • Continue to develop, conduct and participate in appropriate training programs for supervisors and managers with EEO responsibilities and for EEO groups.

Staff appraisal

Aim: To ensure that all staff are assessed fairly.

EEO plan goals

  • Monitor current appraisal procedures to determine how effectively EEO principles are observed.

Health and safety

Aim: To ensure that all staff are aware of occupational health and safety provisions and are able to work in a manner that is safe and without risk to their health.

EEO plan goal

  • Ensure that officers responsible for occupational health and safety and designated work group representatives are aware of cross cultural issues that can impact on health and safety.

Conditions of employment

Aim: To ensure that personnel policies and practices are non-discriminatory and that individual differences are accepted and valued.

EEO plan goals

  • Ensure that the Bank's personnel policies and procedures and their implementation are in accordance with EEO principles.
  • Ensure that managers/supervisors are aware of EEO issues and their responsibilities under EEO legislation.
  • Ensure that staff are aware of their rights and responsibilities under EEO legislation.
  • Ensure that the Bank has effective grievance procedures which are readily accessible by all staff.
  • Ensure that staff with family responsibilities are not disadvantaged by Bank policies or procedures.
  • Raise awareness of the need to ensure that instructions/information are readily accessible, clearly understood and have regard to any communication difficulties of staff.
  • Provide information to increase awareness of issues concerning ATSI people and PWD.