System Availability Statistics 2023

The RBA has committed to providing quarterly operational reliability figures for its retail payment settlement services. While RITS is predominantly a wholesale settlement system, it is included here as it also settles retail payments through the batch feeders and the Low Value Settlement Service (LVSS). The RBA also provides figures for its Low Value Clearing Service (LVCS), which facilitates file transfers between participants in low value clearing systems. For more details on availability calculations and targets, and system components, see About RITS, System Availability.

System Availability: 2023
System March quarter June quarter
  Per cent Per cent
RITS(a) 100.000 99.962
RITS settlement services for:
Cash Transfers 100.000 100.000
SWIFT 100.000 99.811
Austraclear 100.000 100.000
Batch feeders 100.000 100.000
LVSS 100.000 100.000
FSS 100.000 99.972
LVCS 100.000 100.000

Notes: Availability is calculated as the amount of time that a system is not experiencing an outage, as a proportion of the core operating hours for that system. Downtime for recent incidents may be subject to revision.

(a) RITS availability is the average of the availability of the component settlement services for Cash Transfers, SWIFT, Austraclear, Batch feeders and LVSS.

Source: RBA

March Quarter

In the March quarter there were no internal incidents impacting system availability. A SWIFT network issue disrupted the clearing and settlement of NPP transactions in March, but this is not included as downtime in availability calculations for the FSS as it originated from an external payments system.

June Quarter

In the June quarter there were four internal incidents impacting system availability. In April, two separate incidents resulted in downtime to the RITS settlement service for SWIFT of 19 and 45 minutes, respectively. In April and May, two separate incidents resulted in FSS downtime of less than half a minute and 36 minutes, respectively.