Responses to Designation of Visa Debit Scheme

When the Reserve Bank designated the Visa Debit Card Scheme, it indicated that it would provide the opportunity for interested parties to make concrete proposals for reform before it released in draft form any standards or access regime. The following are responses from organisations which have consented to their publication.

Australian Merchant Payments Forum
Submission to the Reserve Bank of Australia: Designation of Visa Debit 193KB
2 April 2004

Supplementary Submission to RBA: Designation of Visa Debit 68KB
11 June 2004

Australian Settlements Limited
Designation of Visa Debit 105KB
31 March 2004

Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited
Visa Debit Submission to RBA 239KB
26 March 2004

MasterCard International
Submission to the Reserve Bank of Australia on Designation of Visa Debit 470KB
7 May 2004

St George Bank Limited
Designation of Visa Debit 70KB
25 March 2004

Visa International Service Association
Visa Debit Card Scheme in Australia: Comment on Reserve Bank of Australia Concerns 251KB
26 March 2004

Appendix A: Visa's Response to the RBA on Debit Issues 377KB
March 2004

Appendix B: Economic Analysis of Visa's Honour All Cards Rule 614KB
March 2004