Submissions on Credit Card Interchange Standards

On 24 February 2005 the Reserve Bank offered interested parties the opportunity to provide submissions on whether the credit card interchange standards should be amended so that the same benchmark interchange fee applied to the Bankcard, MasterCard and Visa schemes. The following submissions have been received.

Received by 8 April 2005

Australian Merchant Payments Forum
Submission to RBA re Credit Card Interchange and Other Issues 157KB
8 April 2005

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Payments System Reform 176KB
8 April 2005

CreditLink Services Ltd
Credit Card Interchange 91KB
8 April 2005

Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited
Credit card interchange fees
8 April 2005

National Australia Bank Limited
Credit Card Interchange Fees Submission 33KB
7 April 2005

Visa International
Credit Card Interchange Fees 112KB
7 April 2005

Westpac Banking Corporation
Submission on Credit Card Interchange 42KB
8 April 2005

Received after 8 April 2005

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
Proposed changes to credit card interchange: Submission to the Reserve Bank of Australia 48KB
14 April 2005

MasterCard International
Credit Card Interchange Fees 806KB
12 April 2005