Reform of Credit Card Schemes in Australia: Responses to Consultation Document

When the Reserve Bank released its Consultation Document on 14 December 2001, it sought responses from interested parties by 15 March 2002. The following are submissions from organisations which have consented to their publication:

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

Response to RBA Consultation Document Reform of Credit Card Schemes in Australia, December 2001 158KB

15 March 2002

Australian Retailers Association

Response to Reserve Bank of Australia Consultation Document 229KB

March 2002

Australian Settlements Limited

Letter 101KB

15 March 2002

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Submission to Reserve Bank of Australia by Commonwealth Bank of Australia 394KB

15 March 2002

CoRE Research

Regulating Credit Cards in Australia 260KB

12 March 2002

Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited (CUSCAL)

Letter 231KB

15 March 2002

Financial Services Consumer Policy Centre

Response to: Reserve Bank of Australia Reform of Credit Card Schemes in Australia 317KB

March 2002

Macquarie Bank Limited

Letter 20KB

15 March 2002

National Australia Bank Limited

Letter 112KB

14 March 2002

Restaurant & Catering Australia

Key Issues – Credit Card Merchant Arrangements 1.2MB

11 March 2002

The Shell Company of Australia Ltd

Letter 168KB

14 March 2002

Westpac Banking Corporation

Letter 247KB

15 March 2002