Submissions on the Proposed Variation to the Access Regime for the ATM System

In May 2012, the Reserve Bank of Australia initiated a public consultation on a draft variation to the Access Regime for the ATM System. The proposed variation will provide the Reserve Bank with greater flexibility to grant exemptions for ATM arrangements that would otherwise be counter to the interchange fee provisions of the Access Regime. Under the proposed variation, the Bank would need to be satisfied that an ATM arrangement was appropriate, having regard to the public interest and other factors set out in the Access Regime, before an exemption could be granted. Views on the proposed variation were sought from interested parties by 13 July 2012:

Received by 13 July 2012

Cashcard Australia Limited 392KB
21 June 2012
Indue Ltd 821KB
3 July 2012

Received after 13 July 2012

Financial Counselling Australia 247KB
6 August 2012