Strategic Review of Innovation in the Payments System: Results of the Reserve Bank of Australia's 2010 Consumer Payments Use Study – June 2011 Appendix B – Merchant Categories

Table B1: Merchant Categories
Name Description/examples
Supermarket/bottle shop Large food store offering a variety of goods; bottle shop/liquor store and cellars
Small food store Butcher; deli; greengrocer; corner store
Electrical/furniture Furniture and bedding store; whitegoods retailer; computer store
Other retailer Department store; clothing/footwear store; book store; newsagent; hardware store
Take-away food/fast-food Take-away food and beverages consumed at or away from a fast-food restaurant or food court; or food and beverages that require minimal preparation time (e.g. sandwich bar, vending machine)
Café/restaurant Caf├ęs and more formal sit-down meals requiring lengthier food preparation time
Pub/bar Licensed premise; club
Petrol/service station Petrol and diesel fuel for motor vehicles; service station purchases
Transport Tolls; parking; public transport; taxi
Leisure/sports/entertainment Cinema; zoo; sports ground
Holiday travel Holiday accommodation; holiday flights; holiday vehicle hire
Household bills Rent; insurance; phone and electricity bills; Pay TV subscription; school fees
Medical/health Optometrist and related products dispensed (glasses, contact lenses); chiropractic care; dentist; doctor
Services Plumber; hairdresser; home repair; baby sitting; accountant; legal services
Other Any payments (including charitable donations) that do not fit into any of the above merchant categories