RBA Annual Conference – 1976 Conference in Applied Economic Research 6–7 September 1976

A range of economists from Australian universities and official bodies were brought together to discuss six research papers on macroeconomics for the conference. One paper was written by a Bank staff member; a second was written by members of the Commonwealth Treasury and the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The remaining four papers were written by Australian academics.


  • Preface
    WE Norton and DW Stammer, Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Business Investment: the Recent Experience
    CI Higgins, Commonwealth Treasury
    HN Johnston, Australian Bureau of Statistics
    PL Coghlan, Commonwealth Treasury
    GC Harcourt, University of Adelaide
    WP Hogan, University of Sydney
    TW Swan, Australian National University
  • Determinants of Consumption Expenditure
    JW Freebairn, Australian National University
    RF Henderson, University of Melbourne
    AA Powell, Industries Assistance Commission and Monash University
  • The Balance of Payments and Some Resource Allocation Issues
    RG Gregory, Australian National University
    RH Snape, Monash University
    DH Whitehead, La Trobe University
  • A Preliminary Assessment of the Prices Justification Tribunal 1973–1976
    JP Nieuwenhuysen, University of Melbourne
    AE Daly, University of Melbourne
    WE Kasper, Australian National University
    CA Tisdell, University of Newcastle
  • Some Aspects of Recent Inflation
    PD Jonson, Reserve Bank of Australia
    VE Argy, Macquarie University
    FH Gruen, Australian National University
  • The Stability of the Demand for Money
    Charles Adams, Canberra College of Advanced Education
    Michael G Porter, Monash University
    HN Johnston, Australian Bureau of Statistics
    DJP Jüttner, Macquarie University