Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 2012 Legislative Requirements Index

The Reserve Bank Annual Report complies with the reporting requirements of the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997 (CAC Act), related Orders and other applicable legislation. To assist readers to locate the relevant information, this index of legislative requirements identifies where that information appears in the Bank's Annual Report.

CAC Act Schedule 1 Page numbers
Annual Report for Commonwealth Authority
Report of operations 1–67
Financial statements 69–111
Independent Auditor's report 112–113
Commonwealth Authorities (Annual Reporting) Orders 2011
Approval by directors 13
Exemptions Nil
Parliamentary standards of presentation 13, Letter of transmittal to Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer
Enabling legislation 3
Responsible Minister 13, 66, Letter of transmittal to Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer
Ministerial directions and other statutory requirements 53–54, 66–67
Information about directors 5–11
Statement on governance 5–7
Organisational structure 52–53, 116–117
Key activities and changes affecting the Reserve Bank 1–2
Judicial decisions and reviews by outside bodies There are none
Information on subsidiaries 34–35, 78–79
Indemnities for officers (Board members) 7