Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 2007 Head Office Management

Governor: Glenn Stevens
Deputy Governor: Ric Battellino

Economic Group

Assistant Governor: Malcolm Edey

Economic Analysis Department

Head: Tony Richards
Deputy Heads: James Holloway and David Orsmond
Head of Regional and Industry Analysis: Ric Deverell

Economic Research Department

Head: Christopher Kent

Financial Markets Group

Assistant Governor: Guy Debelle

Domestic Markets Department

Head: John Broadbent
Chief Manager: Jonathan Kearns

International Department

Head: Keith Hall
Chief Managers: Mike Sinclair and Vacant

Financial System Group

Assistant Governor: Philip Lowe

Financial Stability Department

Head: Chris Ryan
Chief Manager: Chris Aylmer

Payments Policy Department

Head: Michele Bullock
Chief Managers: Carl Schwartz and John Simon

Business Services Group

Assistant Governor: Bob Rankin

Banking Department

Head: Greg Johnston

Note Issue Department

Head: Michael Andersen

Payments Settlements Department

Head: Nola McMillan

Corporate Services Group

Assistant Governor: Frank Campbell

Facilities Management Department

Head: Richard Mayes

Financial Administration Department

Head: Darryl Ross

Systems & Technology Department

Head: Michael Hogan

Secretary's Department

Secretary: David Emanuel
Deputy Secretary: Anthony Dickman

Audit Department

Head: Paul Apps

Information Department

Head: Paul Barry

Personnel Department

Head: Graham Rawstron

Risk Management Unit

Head: Peter Stebbing