Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1993 Reserve Bank Board

Photograph of B.W. Fraser CHAIRMAN

B.W. Fraser

Governor since 18 September 1989
Present term expires 17 September 1996

Photograph of I.J. Macfarlane

I.J. Macfarlane

Deputy Governor since 11 April 1992
Present term expires 10 April 1999

Photograph of G.J. Thompson

G.J. Thompson

Deputy Governor since 8 February 1993
Present term expires 7 February 2000

Photograph of E.A. Evans

E.A. Evans

Secretary to the Treasury
Member since 10 May 1993

Photograph of Sir Peter Abeles, A.C.

Sir Peter Abeles, A.C.

Member since 2 August 1984
Present term expires 1 August 1994
Director, TNT Limited

Photograph of R.G. Gregory, F.A.S.S.A.

R.G. Gregory, F.A.S.S.A.

Member since 21 November 1985
Present term
expires 20 November 1995
Professor of Economics,
Research School of Social Sciences
Australian National University

Photograph of J.L. Holmes a Court

J.L. Holmes a Court

Member since 19 August 1992
Present term expires 18 August 1997
Executive Chairman, Heytesbury
Holdings Pty Ltd

Photograph of A.R. Jackson, A.O.

A.R. Jackson, A.O.

Member since 29 January 1991
Present term
expires 28 January 1996
Managing Director and
Chief Executive,
Chairman, BTR Nylex Limited Australia

Photograph of W.J. Kelty

W.J. Kelty

Member since 29 July 1987
Present term expires 28 July 1997
Secretary, Australian Council of
Trade Unions

Photograph of Solomon Lew

Solomon Lew

Member since 19 August 1992
Present term
expires 18 August 1997
Chairman, Coles Myer Ltd

Photograph of R.F.E. Warburton

R.F.E. Warburton

Member since 22 December 1992
Present term expires 21 December 1997
Chairman, Du Pont (Australia) Ltd

B.E. Quinn resigned from the Board with effect from 21 July 1992.
J.N. Davenport's term of office expired on 29 September 1992.
A.S. Cole was appointed Secretary to the Department of Health, Housing, Local Government and Community Services on 24 March 1993.