Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1993 Head Office Management

Governor: B.W. Fraser
Deputy Governors: I.J. Macfarlane
G.J. Thompson

Economic Group

Assistant Governor: S.A. Grenville

Economic Analysis Department

Head: G.R. Stevens

Chief Economist: R.B. Whitelaw

Economic Research Department

Head: Vacant

Financial Institutions Group

Assistant Governor: L.J. Austin

Bank Supervision Department

Head: L.J. Phelps

Chief Managers: B.L. Gray
K.M. Hall
D.J. Prees

Financial System Department

Head: C.C. Procter

Chief Manager: J.M. Veale (from September)

Financial Markets Group

Assistant Governor: G.H. Board

Domestic Markets Department

Head: R.W. Rankin

Chief Manager: P.W. Stebbing

International Department

Head: R. Battellino

Chief Manager: F. Campbell

Services Group

Assistant Governor: G.R. Hodgkinson

Accounting Department

Head: I.B. McKenzie

Building Services Department

Head: R. Mayes

Currency & Banking Department

Head: J.K. Colditz

Systems & Technology Department

Head: G.F. Willson

Personnel Department

Head: P.S. Ferguson

Secretary's Department

Secretary: D.H. Emanuel

Audit Department

Head: N.E. Fernandopulle

Reserve Bank of Australia

Note Printing Australia. Branches and Representative Offices

Note Printing Australia

General Manager
R.L. Larkin
Hume Highway, Craigieburn
Victoria 3064
Telephone: (03) 303 0444


New South Wales

Manager N.C. Mackrell
Deputy Manager J.W. Dalton
65 Martin Place, Sydney 2000
Telephone: (02) 5518111


Manager H.I. Stebbins
Deputy Manager W.A. Flynn
60 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
Telephone: (03) 270 8555


Manager J.A. Simpkins
King George Square, Brisbane 4000
Telephone: (07) 224 9111

South Australia

Manager B.A. Noble
182 Victoria Square, Adelaide 5000
Telephone: (08) 228 8100

Western Australia

Manager R.S. Hurrell
45 St George's Terrace, Perth 6000
Telephone: (09) 320 0211


Manager J.F. Milliss
111 Macquarie Street, Hobart 7000
Telephone: (002) 30 1301

Australian Capital Territory

Manager B.W. Parry
20-22 London Circuit, Canberra 2600
Telephone: (06) 201 4800

Northern Territory

Manager R.S. Merritt
6 Bennett Street, Darwin 0800
Telephone: (089) 81 4888

Representative Offices


Chief Representative J.F. Laker
Deputy Chief Representative G.N. Johnson (from September)
7 Moorgate, London EC2R 6AQ
Telephone: (4471) 600 2244

New York

Chief Representative R.W. Ellis
Deputy Chief Representative B.M. Egan
70 Pine Street, New York 10270
Telephone: (1212) 363 2711