Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1990 Head Office Management

Note Printing Australia
Branches and Representative Office

Note Printing Australia

General Manager R.L. Larkin
Marketing Manager R.G. Pearson
Production Manager B.A. Hardwick
Security and Engineering Manager D.S. Sanderson
Research and Development Manager R.G. Gration
Finance and Administration Manager Joseph Mamo
Hume Highway, Craigieburn
Telephone: (03) 303 0444


New South Wales

Manager N.C. Mackrell
Deputy Manager W.A. Maley
Registrar of Stock G.G. Munn
65 Martin Place, Sydney
Telephone: (02) 551 8111


Manager NT. Bevan
Deputy Manager J.F. Salter
Registrar of Stock W.A. Flynn
60 Collins Street, Melbourne
Telephone: (03) 653 8555


Manager A.P. Eviston
Deputy Manager J.A. Simpkins
Registrar of Stock W.E. Holt
King George Square, Brisbane
Telephone: (07) 224 9111

Western Australia

Manager H.I. Stebbins
Deputy Manager B.W. Parry
Registrar of Stock K.R. Brown
45 St George's Terrace, Perth
Telephone: (09) 320 0211

South Australia

Manager Marcus Diamond
Deputy Manager M.M. Martin
Registrar of Stock B.J. Alderson
182 Victoria Square, Adelaide
Telephone: (08) 228 8100


Manager N.J. Mathews
Deputy Manager P.S.W. Leeds
Registrar of Stock PA. Sealy
111 Macquarie Street, Hobart
Telephone: (002) 30 1301

Australian Capital Territory

Manager K.W. Stevens
Deputy Manager I.R. Bowden
Registrar of Stock R.V. Kemmis
20–22 London Circuit, Canberra City
Telephone: (06) 267 1900

Northern Territory

Manager and Registrar of Stock J.F. Milliss
Deputy Manager C.V. Catlin
6 Bennett Street, Darwin
Telephone: (089) 81 4888

United Kingdom

Chief Representative in Europe C.C. Procter
Deputy Chief Representative in Europe Francis Campbell
Manager and Registrar of Stock K.W. Dawton
10 Old Jewry, London
Telephone: (4471) 606 2541

Representative Office

New York

Representative J.S. Pearson
Deputy Representative Jeffrey Oughton
70 Pine Street, New York
Telephone: (1212) 363 2711