Payments System Board Annual Report – 2008 List of graphs

Graph 1: Debit Card Cash Withdrawals

Graph 2: ‘Foreign’ ATM Withdrawals

Graph 3: Non-cash Payments per Capita

Graph 4: Non-cash Payments – International

Graph 5: Credit and Debit Card Payments per Capita

Graph 6: Number of Card Payments

Graph 7: Fraud on Australian-issued Cards

Graph 8: Merchants Surcharging Credit Cards

Graph 9: Interchange Fees on $100 Payment

Graph 10: Merchant Service Fees

Graph 11: Credit Card Merchant Service Fee Margin Over Interchange Fee

Graph 12: EFTPOS Merchant Service Fees

Graph 13: EFTPOS Merchant Service Fee Martin Over Interchange Fee

Graph 14: Credit Card Annual Fees

Graph 15: Credit Card Interest Rates

Graph 16: RTGS Transactions

Graph 17: Number of RTGS Transactions

Graph 18: Cash Equities Trades

Graph 19: S&P/ASX 200 Volatility

Graph 20: SFECC: Initial Margins

Graph 21: ACH: Risk Resources

Graph 22: SFECC: Risk Resources