Payments System Board Annual Report – 2008 The Board's Decisions and Reserve Bank Reports

This section lists developments since mid 2007. Details of earlier decisions of the Board and Reserve Bank reports can be found in the Payments System Board's 2006 and 2007 Annual Reports.


Media Release 2007–13, ‘Reform of the ATM System in Australia’ (Announcing the Board's support for an industry-developed proposal for reform of the ATM system in Australia), 31 August 2007.


Media Release 2008–01, ‘Report on Clearing and Settlement Facilities’ (Announcing the results of assessments undertaken by the Reserve Bank into how well clearing and settlement facility licensees complied with their obligations to meet the Bank's Financial Stability Standards), 18 January 2008.

Media Release 2008–05, ‘Review of Payments System Reforms’ (Announcing the release of the preliminary conclusions of the 2007/08 review of the payments system reforms undertaken by the Payments System Board), 21 April 2008.

Proceedings of Payments System Review Conference, Reserve Bank of Australia, Sydney, April 2008.

Reform of Australia's Payments System: Preliminary Conclusions of the 2007/08 Review, Reserve Bank of Australia, Sydney, April 2008.

Review of Settlement Practices for Australian Equities, Reserve Bank of Australia, Sydney, May 2008.

Media Release 2008–13, ‘Payments System Board Meeting’ (Announcing the expected timing of the final conclusions of the Payments System Review, encouraging the industry to finalise arrangements for the abolition of bilateral ATM interchange fees and foreshadowing discussion with PayPal in relation to its no-surcharge and no‑steering rules), 20 August 2008.