Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report – 1988 Appendix 1

EEO Two-year Plan 1988 and 1989

The Bank has adopted a second two-year plan for activities related to EEO; the first such plan was formulated in late 1985 and was embarked upon before enactment of EEO legislation covering the Bank.

The current plan which was distributed to staff in May 1988 summarises tasks for 1988 and 1989. It is not a timetable with activities necessarily occurring in the sequence shown. Implementation and timing may be influenced by other developments in the Bank but this plan will help ensure we keep the EEO programme on track.

The plan is in two parts — the first covers areas requiring attention before a formal EEO programme, as required by Commonwealth legislation, can be finalised; the second part covers the early stages of implementing that formal programme.

A. Programme Development

EEO Survey

  • Analysis of survey results.
  • Identification of problem areas.
  • Identification of priorities.
  • Outline of required actions, e.g.:

    — training and staff development;

    — restructuring of work areas and career paths;

    — recruitment and promotion policies.

Liaison Groups

  • Collation of reports and summary report to EEO Policy Committee.
  • Outline of required actions arising from reports, e.g. communication, procedures and training.

Priorities and Resources

  • Establishment of priorities based on information from survey and liaison groups.
  • Identification of resources to meet required actions.

Recruitment Guidelines

  • Promulgation of guidelines.
  • Training staff in use of guidelines.
  • Monitoring use of guidelines.
  • Monitoring changes in recruitment patterns.
  • Identification and development of particular recruitment policies for members of designated groups.

Promotion/Appeals Review

  • New guidelines established.
  • Promulgation of guidelines.
  • Assessment of training needs.
  • Establishment of required training, e.g. for management, supervisors, applicants.

Grievance Procedures

  • Development and implementation.

Report to Treasurer

  • Due by end-September 1988.

Union Consultation

  • Setting up arrangements to ensure union involvement on a regular basis in the development and implementation of the EEO programme.

Department/Branch Organisation

  • Setting up administrative arrangements for departments and branches to:

    — provide input to EEO programme;

    — support specific department and branch EEO initiatives;

    — assist in monitoring of change.


  • Updating and monitoring of EEO statistics in accordance with requirements.

Formalisation of EEO Programme

  • Policy statement.
  • Summary of findings from survey, liaison groups, etc.
  • Progress on reviews of procedures, grievance arrangements, etc.
  • Objectives stated.
  • Programmes devised with priorities assigned.
  • Responsibilities of departments and branches defined.

B. Programme Implementation

From Mid-1989

  • Implementing high priority programmes.
  • Monitoring progress of programmes.
  • Monitoring progress of, and changes required in, personnel practices and procedures.
  • Developing lower priority programmes and phasing them in.
  • Defining changing needs and perspectives in line with developments in the Bank's operations.