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Exchange rates are published daily except on public and bank holidays observed in New South Wales.

Units of foreign currency per A$
21 May 2015 22 May 2015 25 May 2015
United States dollar0.79010.79230.7822*
Chinese renminbi4.90004.90944.8503
Japanese yen95.6495.7395.14
European euro0.71070.71080.7120
South Korean won864.39863.69852.68
Singapore dollar1.05611.05381.0489
New Zealand dollar1.07721.07311.0709
UK pound sterling0.50840.50530.5054
Malaysian ringgit2.84712.84162.8222
Thai baht26.4426.4626.24
Indonesian rupiah103981041210312
Indian rupee50.3650.3749.78
New Taiwan dollar24.0724.0723.85
Vietnamese dong172281728017075
Hong Kong dollar6.12546.14186.0631
Papua New Guinea kina2.14412.15592.1284
Swiss franc0.73850.74060.7368
United Arab Emirates dirham2.90162.90972.8726
Canadian dollar0.96340.96530.9611
Philippines peso35.1835.2834.90
Trade-weighted Index (4pm)
Special Drawing Right0.56370.56330.5560
* Please see Definitions and Sources for details.