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Definitions and Sources

Exchange Rates

The rate shown for the US dollar is the WM/Reuters Australian Dollar Fix at 4.00 pm (Sydney) on the day concerned, sourced from page AUDFIX on Thomson Reuters and rounded to four decimals. Rates shown for most other currencies are calculated by crossing the rate for the US dollar with the Reserve Bank’s observations of mid-points of buying and selling rates quoted around the same time. These rates are indications of market value only and may differ from those quoted by foreign exchange dealers and other market sources.

The trade-weighted index is calculated on the basis of the rates for the US dollar and other currencies. Details of the method of calculation of the trade-weighted index are set out in the Bulletin for October 2002 and current weights are on the Bank's website.

The value of the Special Drawing Right is calculated by the International Monetary Fund on the basis of a weighted basket of four currencies – US dollar, European euro, Japanese yen and UK pound. The Fund publishes the value of the SDR each day in terms of US dollars; the latest available rate is crossed with the 4.00 pm A$/US$ rate.