Researcher Profiles Rochelle Guttmann

Rochelle leads the Digital Currencies team in the Payments Policy Department. She most recently was head of the Analysis and Policy section in the Note Issue Department and has held various positions in the Economic Analysis, Economic Research and Financial Stability Departments. Rochelle holds a Master in Public Affairs (Economics and Public Policy) from Princeton University and Bachelors of Science and Commerce (First Class Honours and the University Medal) from the University of New South Wales.

Academic publications

  • Ballantyne A, T Cusbert, R Evans, R Guttmann, J Hambur, A Hamilton, E Kendall, R McCririck, G Nodari, DM Rees (2020) ‘MARTIN Has Its Place: A Macroeconometric Model of the Australian Economy’ Economic Record, 96(314), pp 225–251.
    Also released as RBA Research Discussion Paper No 2019-07.
  • Foster J and R Guttmann (2018) ‘Job Security Perceptions and its Effect on Wage Growth’ Australian Journal of Labour Economics, 21(3), pp 229–251.
  • Guttmann R and D Rodgers (2015) ‘International Banking and Liquidity Risk Transmission: Evidence from Australia’ IMF Economic Review, 63(3), pp 411–425.
  • Doiron D and R Guttmann (2009) ‘Wealth Distributions of Migrant and Australianā€born Households’ Economic Record, 85(268), pp 32–45.
  • Belkar R and DG Fiebig (2008) ‘A Monte Carlo Comparison of Estimators for a Bivariate Probit Model with Selection’ Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 78(2), pp 250–256.
  • Belkar R, DG Fiebig, M Haas and R Viney (2006) ‘Why Worry about Awareness in Choice Problems? Econometric Analysis of Screening for Cervical Cancer’ Health Economics, 15(1), pp 33–47.

Other Research Papers

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