Collaboration and Engagement

Collaboration and engagement with the research community plays an important part in our research. We organise regular conferences and workshops to foster interaction between academics, central bankers and other economic practitioners on topical policy issues. We also organise a program of internal seminars by our people and outside researchers. There are occasionally additional spaces available for academic and professional economists to attend. Please register your interest to be notified about upcoming seminars where spaces are available for outside attendees.

Research undertaken at the Reserve Bank is also frequently presented at external conferences and seminars in Australia and overseas. Research Discussion Papers are reviewed by external academics with expertise in the field of study. Our researchers are encouraged to publish their research in external journals and to review papers for those journals. Our staff also facilitate and participate in reading group meetings with leading academics to discuss major research publications that are relevant to our responsibilities.

We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate on research projects. If you are interested in collaborating with our researchers, please email

Visiting Researchers

We host visits by policymakers from domestic and overseas institutions as well as academics from a range of institutions. These have included staff from the Federal Reserve Board, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of England, the Bank for International Settlements, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and a range of universities. These visitors presented seminars, taught short courses and participated in research activities at the Bank.