Researcher Profiles John Simon

John is Head of the Economic Research Department. During his career at the RBA he has worked in Economic Analysis, Economic Research and Payments Policy Departments. John also spent three years at the International Monetary Fund where he was the lead author of a number of influential chapters in its flagship publication, the World Economic Outlook. He has a PhD from MIT, which made a seminal contribution to the identification and analysis of the Great Moderation.

Academic publications

  • Simon J (2019) ‘Ten Years of Research – What Have We Learnt Since the Financial Crisis?’ Economic Analysis and Policy, 64(C), pp 152–158.
  • Furceri D, P Loungani, J Simon and S Wachter (2016) ‘Global Food Prices and Domestic Inflation: Some Cross-country Evidence’ Oxford Economic Papers, 68(3), pp 665–687.
  • Gillitzer C and J Simon (2015) ‘Inflation Targeting: A Victim of Its Own Success’ International Journal of Central Banking, 11(4), pp 259–287.
  • Simon J, K Smith and T West (2010) ‘Price Incentives and Consumer Payment Behaviour’ Journal of Banking and Finance, 34(8), pp 1759–1772.
  • La Cava G and J Simon (2005) ‘Household Debt and Financial Constraints in Australia’ Australian Economic Review, 38, pp 40–60.
  • Simon J (2005) ‘Payment Systems Are Different: Shouldn't Their Regulation Be Too?’ Review of Network Economics, 4(4), pp 1–20.
  • Simon J and S Wright (2005) ‘L’utilisation des technologies de l’information et sa contribution à la croissance en Australie’ L'Actualité Economique, 81(1), pp 165–202.
  • Simon J (2003) ‘Three Australian Asset-price Bubbles’ in A Richards and T Robinson (eds), Asset Prices and Monetary Policy, RBA, Sydney.
  • Blanchard O and J Simon (2001) ‘The Long and Large Decline in U.S. Output Volatility’ Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, 32(1), pp 135–174.
  • Edey M and J Simon (1998) ‘Australia's Retirement Income System’ in Privatizing Social Security, National Bureau of Economic Research, pp 63–97.
  • Mishkin F and J Simon (1995) ‘An Empirical Examination of the Fisher Effect in Australia’ The Economic Record, 71(3), pp 217–229.
  • Fahrer J and J Simon (1995) ‘Capital Constraints and Employment’ Australian Economic Review, 28(1), pp 23–34.

Other Research Papers

Policy Publications

  • Benes J, J Guajardo, D Sandri and J Simon (2013) ‘The Yin and Yang of Capital Flow Management: Balancing Capital Inflows with Capital Outflows’ IMF World Economic Outlook, October, Ch 4, pp 113–132.
  • Simon J, T Matheson and D Sandri (2013) ‘The Dog that Didn’t Bark: Has Inflation Been Muzzled or Was It Just Sleeping?’ IMF World Economic Outlook, April, Ch 3, pp 79–95.
  • Simon J, A Pescatori and D Sandri (2012) ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: 100 Years of Dealing With Public Debt Overhangs’ IMF World Economic Outlook, October, Ch 3, pp 101–127.
  • Leigh D, D Igan, J Simon and P Topalova (2012) ‘Dealing with Household Debt’ IMF World Economic Outlook, April, Ch 3, pp 89–124.
  • Simon J, D Leigh, A Pescatori, A Alichi, L Catao, O Kamenik, H Kim, D Laxton, R Portillo and F Zanna (2011) ‘Target What You Can Hit: Commodity Price Swings and Monetary Policy’ IMF World Economic Outlook, September, Ch 3, pp 101–133.