Researcher Profiles Gulnara Nolan

Gulnara works in the Economic Research Department in a team that uses microdata to answer macroeconomic policy questions. She previously held positions at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the New Zealand Treasury and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment in New Zealand. Gulnara holds a PhD in Economics from University Ca' Foscari of Venice and has a Master in Economics and Finance from the University of Naples Federico II.

Research Papers

  • Nolan G , J Hambur and P Vermeulen ‘Does Monetary Policy Affect Non-mining Business Investment in Australia? Evidence from BLADE’ RBA Research Discussion Paper No 2023-09.
  • Zheng G, Nolan G, Ball C, Kothari S and Y Kido (2022) ‘What matters for job finding and separation in the long run? Evidence from labor market dynamics in New Zealand’ IMF Working papers.
  • Haidari Y and G Nolan (2022) Sentiment, uncertainty and households' inflation expectations RBA Bulletin, September.
  • Nolan G and E Tong (2022) ‘The effects of the Funding for Lending Programme (FLP) on funding costs and mortgage rates’ Reserve Bank of New Zealand Analytical Note Series.
  • Chipeniuk K and G Nolan (2022) ‘Monetary Policy Easing and the Distribution of Wealth in New Zealand’ Reserve Bank of New Zealand Analytical Note Series.
  • Nolan G (2021) ‘The Household Cash Flow Effects of Low Interest Rates in New Zealand’ Reserve Bank of New Zealand Analytical Note Series.
  • Nolan G and M Nolan (2020) ‘Taxation, User Cost of Capital and Investment Behaviour of New Zealand Firms’ CEU Working Paper, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New Zealand.
  • Ball C and G Huseynli (2019) ‘Wage Equation Estimates for Microsimulation Modelling in New Zealand’ Chair in Public Finance Working Paper Series, Victoria University of Wellington.

Policy Publications

  • King A, G Huseynli and N MacGibbon (2018) ‘Wellbeing Frameworks for the Treasury’ Discussion Paper No 18/01, New Zealand Treasury.