Researcher Profiles Ada Zhou

Ada's research interests focus on optimal monetary and fiscal policy, debt management and machine learning. Her work has been published in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Monetary Economics and the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, among others. Ada received her PhD in Economics from Indiana University Bloomington. She currently works on climate change modelling and monetary policy analysis.

Research Papers

  • Gomis-Porqueras P, R Ruprecht and X Zhou (2023) ‘A Financial Stress Index for a Small Open Economy: The Australian Case’ FEDS Working Paper No. 2023-29.
  • Gomis-Porqueras P, S Moslehi and X Zhou (2022) ‘Changes in the Composition of Tax Revenues: Implications for Monetary and Fiscal Policy’ SSRN Working Paper No. 4129538.
  • Li Y, K Liu, X Lu, BZ Wang and X Zhou (2022) ‘Welfare Housing and Household Consumption in Urban China’ Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 195, pp 326–334.
  • Leeper EM and X Zhou (2021) ‘Inflation’s Role in Optimal Monetary-fiscal Policy’ Journal of Monetary Economics, 124, pp 1–18.
  • Cao C, X Li, X Li, C Zeng and X Zhou (2021) ‘Diversity and Inclusion: Evidence from Corporate Inventors’ Journal of Empirical Finance, 64, pp 295–316.
  • Chen M, A Joseph, M Kumhof, X Pan and X Zhou (2021) ‘Deep Reinforcement Learning in a Monetary Model’ arXiv Working Paper No 2104.09368.
  • Li X and X Zhou (2021) ‘Autonomy, Incentive and Trade: How Does Trade Liberalisation Reshape Corporate Decentralisation in China?’ The World Economy, 44(10), pp 3051–3069.
  • Li X, J McHale and X Zhou (2017) ‘Does Brain Drain Lead to Institutional Gain?’ The World Economy, 40(7), pp 1454–1472.