Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry on First Home Ownership List of graphs


Graph 1: Established House Prices

Graph 2: House Prices

Graph 3: Established House Prices – Capital City

Graph 4: House and Apartment Prices

Graph 5: Inner City Apartment Prices

Graph 6: Prime Office Capital Value Indicators

Graph 7: House Prices

Graph 8: House Prices to Household Income

Graph 9: Housing Credit Growth

Graph 10: Household Debt

Graph 11: Debt-servicing Ratio

Graph 12: Housing Equity Withdrawal

Graph 13: Gearing Ratio

Graph 14: Investor Housing Loans

Graph 15: Rental Property Ownership

Graph 16: Rental Property Ownership by Income

Graph 17: Rental Growth and Vacancy Rate

Graph 18: Residential Property Rental Yields

Graph 19: Homeownership Rates in Australia

Graph 20: New Housing Loans

Graph 21: Loan Approvals to First-home Buyers

Graph 22: Average Loan Size for First-home Buyer

Graph 23: Measures of Affordability

Graph 24: Required Deposit on Housing Loan

Graph 25: Dwelling Stock

Graph 26: Stamp Duty Payable

Graph 27: Mortgage Interest Rates

Graph 28: Borrowing Capacity

Graph 29: Wisest Place for Savings


Graph 1: Time to Positive Cash flow