Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry on First Home Ownership Appendix: Organisations Contacted

Below are listed the organisations met with or consulted by RBA staff regarding the material presented in this submission.

  1. Canada
    1. Bank of Canada
    2. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
    3. Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
    4. Statistics Canada
  2. Netherlands
    1. De Nederlandsche Bank
  3. United Kingdom
    1. Bank of England
    2. Council of Mortgage Lenders
    3. HM Treasury
    4. Inland Revenue
    5. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
    6. Professor ADH Crook, Pro Vice Chancellor and Professor of Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield
    7. Professor P Kemp, Director of the Social Policy Research Unit, and Professor of Social, University of York
  4. United States
    1. Census Bureau
    2. Department of Housing and Urban Development
    3. Fannie Mae
    4. Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    5. Federal Reserve Board of Governors
    6. Internal Revenue Service
    7. Professor Michael Schill, Wilf Family Professor of Property Law and Professor of Urban Planning and Director, Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, New York University