Submission to the Financial System Inquiry List of graphs


Graph 2.1: Financial Sector Assets

Graph 2.2: Financial Services Value Added

Graph 2.3: Gross Capital Outflows

Graph 2.4: Banking System Assets

Graph 2.5: Household Debt

Graph 2.6: Securitised Housing Loans

Graph 2.7: Major Banks' Loan Approvals

Graph 2.8: Household Financial Assets

Graph 2.9: Business Debt

Graph 2.10: Variable Lending Rates

Graph 2.11: Banks' Assets

Graph 2.12: Major Banks' Net Interest Margin

Graph 2.13: Household Debt

Graph 2.14: Banks' Non-performing Housing Loans

Graph 2.15: 3-month LIBOR Spreads

Graph 2.16: Central Bank Balance Sheets

Graph 4.1: Banking Sector Market Capitalisation

Graph 4.2: Banks' Business Lending

Graph 4.3: Assets of Registered Financial Corporations

Graph 4.4: Banks' Wholesale Debt

Graph 4.5: Banks' Hedging of Foreign Currency Debt Security Liabilities

Graph 4.6: Total Bank Housing Loans

Graph 4.7: Banks' Credit Losses

Graph 4.8: Investor Participation in the Housing Market

Graph 4.9: Banks' Non-performing Housing Loans

Graph 5.1: Gross Saving and Investment

Graph 5.2: Gross Saving and Investment by Sector

Graph 5.3: Net Lending by Sector

Graph 5.4: International Investment Position

Graph 5.5: Foreign Currency Exposure by Sector

Graph 5.6: Gross Capital Flows and the Current Account

Graph 5.7: Australian Capital Flows

Graph 5.8: Private Financial Corporations

Graph 5.9: Private Non-financial Corporations

Graph 5.10: Household Balance Sheet and Saving Ratio

Graph 5.11: Household Equity Injection

Graph 5.12: Components of Household Income

Graph 5.13: Sources of Household Debt Finance

Graph 5.14: Private Business Investment

Graph 5.15: Listed Corporations' Uses of Funds

Graph 5.16: Listed Corporations' Dividends

Graph 5.17: Listed Corporations' Interest-servicing Ratio

Graph 5.18: Business Funding

Graph 5.19: Listed Corporations' Gearing

Graph 5.20: Australian Corporations' Bond Pricing

Graph 5.21: External Business Finance

Graph 5.22: Small Business Funding Sources

Graph 5.23: Business Credit

Graph 5.24: Banks' Small Business Lending

Graph 5.25: Spreads on Outstanding Business Lending

Graph 5.26: Debtor Finance Turnover

Graph 5.27: Trade Credit – Unlisted Businesses

Graph 5.28: Financial Assistance to Business

Graph 5.29: Financial Assistance to Business

Graph 5.30: Credit Growth

Graph 5.31: Banks' Lending to Households

Graph 5.32: Foreign Bank Business Credit

Graph 5.33: Funding Composition of Banks in Australia

Graph 5.34: Funding Composition of Banks in Australia

Graph 5.35: Increase in Banks' Deposits

Graph 5.36: Wholesale Funding

Graph 5.37: Major Banks' Domestic Bond Spreads

Graph 5.38: Maturity of Banks' Long-term Debt

Graph 5.39: Australian Banks' Wholesale Issuance

Graph 5.40: Issuers of RMBS

Graph 5.41: Australian RMBS

Graph 5.42: Issuance of Australian CMBS and Other ABS

Graph 5.43: General Government Spending

Graph 5.44: General Government Investment

Graph 5.45: Composition of Australian Government Debt

Graph 5.46: Outstanding Stock of Australian Government Securities

Graph 5.47: Australian Interest Rates

Graph 5.48: CGS and Semi-government Bond Pricing

Graph 5.49: Australian Government Bonds Outstanding

Graph 5.50: Australian Government Debt Holders

Graph 6.1: Major Banks' Funding Costs

Graph 6.2: Banks' Net Interest Margin

Graph 6.3: Distribution of Deposit Rates

Graph 6.4: Major Banks' Deposit Rates

Graph 6.5: Major Banks' Loan Approvals

Graph 6.6: Interest Margins on Variable-rate Mortgages

Graph 6.7: Personal Lending Rates

Graph 6.8: Large Business Interest Rates

Graph 6.9: Australian Syndicated Lending

Graph 6.10: Banks' Commercial Property Exposures

Graph 6.11: Lenders' Shares in Business Credit

Graph 6.12: Small Business Interest Rates

Graph 6.13: Major Banks' Profitability

Graph 6.14: Large Banks' Return on Equity

Graph 6.15: Contribution to Change in Profit Growth

Graph 6.16: Bank Profitability

Graph 6.17: Major Banks' Costs and Income

Graph 6.18: Large Banks' Cost-to-income Ratios

Graph 7.1: Superannuation Assets by Fund Type

Graph 7.2: Superannuation Assets

Graph 7.3: Superannuation Fund Flows

Graph 7.4: Pension Fund Asset Allocation

Graph 7.5: Australian Investment Rates

Graph 7.6: Asset Allocation by Fund Type

Graph 7.7: Pension Funds' Total Operating Expenses

Graph 7.8: National Saving and Superannuation

Graph 7.9: Bank Funding from Superannuation Funds

Graph 7.10: SMSF Direct Property Holdings

Graph 7.11: Pension Funds' Current and Target Allocations to Infrastructure Assets

Graph 8.1: Non-cash Payments per Capita

Graph 8.2: Cash Use by Payment Size

Graph 8.3: Currency

Graph 8.4: Wholesale Payment Settlements

Graph 8.5: Average Interchange Fees on a $100 Payment

Graph 8.6: Merchant Service Fees

Graph 8.7: Merchant Service Fees


Graph 5A.1: Australian Corporate Bonds Outstanding

Graph 5A.2: Holdings of Australian Corporate Bonds

Graph 5B.1: Rural Debt Growth

Graph 5B.2: Rural Debt and Income

Graph 5B.3: Rural Interest Payments*

Graph 5C.1: Infrastructure Investment*

Graph 5C.2: Public Infrastructure Investment*

Graph 5C.3: PPPs in Australia