Submission to the Financial System Inquiry Abbreviations

ABA Australian Bankers' Association
ABARES Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
ADI Authorised deposit-taking institution
AFMA Australian Financial Markets Association
AIG American International Group
AML Anti-Money Laundering
ANZ Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
AOFM Australian Office of Financial Management
APCA Australian Payments Clearing Association
APRA Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission
ASX Australian Securities Exchange
ATM Automated Teller Machine
ATO Australian Taxation Office
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BIS Bank for International Settlements
BLE Bluetooth Low Energy
BoE Bank of England
CBA Commonwealth Bank of Australia
CCAAC Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council
CCCB Counter-cyclical capital buffer
CCPs Central counterparties
CFR Council of Financial Regulators
CGFS Committee on the Global Financial System
CGS Commonwealth Government Securities
CLF Committed Liquidity Facility
CLS CLS Bank International
CMBS Commercial mortgage-backed securities
COIN Community of Interest Network
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPSS Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems
CS Clearing and settlement
CTF Counter Terrorism Financing
CUBS Credit unions and building societies
DB Defined benefit
DC Defined contribution
DE Direct Entry
DFA Digital Finance Analytics
DNS Deferred net settlements
D-SIBS Domestic systemically important banks
DSR Dent-servicing ratios
DvP Delivery-versus-payment
ECB European Central Bank
EMV EuroPay, MasterCard & Visa
ePAL eftpos Payments Australia Limited
ESA Exchange Settlement Account
ESFS European System of Financial Supervision
ESRB European Systemic Risk Board
ETF Exchange-traded funds
EU European Union
FCIC Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
FCS Financial Claims Scheme
FISM Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
FMIs Financial market infrastructures
FPC Financial Policy Committee
FSA Financial Services Authority
FSB Financial Stability Board
FSI Financial Stability Inquiry
FSOC Financial Stability Oversight Council
FSS Financial Stability Standards
G20 Group of Twenty
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GFC Global financial crisis
GLAC Gone concern loss absorbing capacity
G-SIBs Global systemically important banks
G-SIIs Globally systemically important insurers
GTEs Government Trading Enterprises
HLA Higher loss absorbency
IAIS International Association of Insurance Supervisors
ICR Issuer Credit Ratings
IMF International Monetary Fund
IOSCO International Organisation of Securities Commissions
IPO Initial Public Offering
IRB Internal-Ratings based
LCH.C Ltd LCH.Clearnet Limited
LCR Liquidity coverage ratio
LMI Lenders mortgage insurer
LVR Loan-to-valuation ratios
MAGD Macroeconomic Assessment Group Derivatives
MFAA Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia
MMF Money market fund
MOU Memorandum of Understanding on Financial Distress Management
MSF Merchant Service Fee
MYOB Mind Your Own Business
NAB National Australia Bank
NCCP National Consumer Credit Protection
NDC Notional defined contribution
NFC Near Field Communication
NFF National Farmers' Association
NOW Notice of withdrawal
NPA Note Printing Australia
NPP New Payments Platform
NPPSC New Payments Platform Steering Committee
NSFR Net stable funding ratio
ODRG Over-the-counter Derivatives Regulators Group
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OTC Over-the-counter
PAIRS Probability and Impact Rating System
PFMIs Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures
PIN Personal Identification Number
POS Point of Sale
PPF Purchased Payment Facility
PPP Public-private partnership
PSB Payments System Board
PSNA Payment Systems and Netting Act
PSRA Payment Systems (Regulation) Act
PTE Public Trading Enterprise
RAP Resolvability Assessment Process
RBA Reserve Bank of Australia
RBNZ Reserve Bank of New Zealand
RFC Registered financial corporation
RITS Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System
RMBS Residential mortgage-backed securities
RTGS Real-time gross settlement
RTPC Real Time Payments Committee
SCCI Specialist Credit Card Institution
SG Superannuation Guarantee
SIFI Systemically important financial institution
SIS Superannuation Industry Supervision
SMS Short Message Service
SMSF Self-managed Superannuation Fund
SNA System of National Accounts
SOARS Supervisory Oversight and Response System
SSF Securities settlement facilities
SVRs Standard variable rates
TIBS Treasury inflation-linked bonds
UCCC Uniform Consumer Credit Code
WBC Westpac Banking Corporation
WEO World Economic Outlook