Financial Stability Review – September 2014 List of graphs



  • Graph A1 Global Banks' Basel III NCE Features
  • Graph A2 Global Banks' Basel III NCE Issuance
  • Graph A3 European USD Contingent Convertible Index
  • Graph B1 Major Banks' Costs and Income
  • Graph B2 Large Banks' Cost-to-income Ratios
  • Graph B3 Decomposition of Cost-to-income Ratios
  • Graph B4 Cost and Net Interest Income Ratios
  • Graph B5 Large Banks' Personnel Cost Premium
  • Graph B6 Australian Banks' Cost-to-income Ratios
  • Graph C1 Investor Lending and Housing Prices
  • Graph C2 Property Investors
  • Graph C3 Age Distribution of Property Investors
  • Graph C4 Property Investment and Gearing