Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 2019 Financial Statements Note 10 – Other Liabilities

  Note 2019
Provision for annual and other leave   22 21
Provision for long service leave   49 43
Provision for post-employment benefits   108 94
Other   9 5
    188 163
Securities sold under agreements to repurchase 1(b) 350 1,797
Payable for unsettled purchases of securities 1(b) 1,084 694
Foreign currency swap liabilities 1(b) 592 219
Interest accrued on deposits 1(b) 47 76
Superannuation liability 1(j), 14 177
Other   95 87
    2,345 2,873
Total Other Liabilities as at 30 June   2,533 3,036

The RBA's provision for its post-employment benefits was $13.7 million higher in 2018/19, largely due to a decline in the discount rates used to measure the estimated future cost of providing these benefits in present value terms. Benefits of $4.6 million were paid out of the provision for post-employment benefits in 2018/19. The balance of the provision for post-employment benefits will change if assumptions about the length of staff service, the longevity of retired staff, future costs of providing benefits, or discount rates vary.

Other provisions include amounts for workers compensation, redundancies and legal matters.

Other liabilities include contract liabilities of $30.4 million relating to unearned revenue from the provision of the CLF (Note 1(m)).