Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 2018 Financial Statements Note 5 – Asset Revaluation Reserves

The composition of the RBA's asset revaluation reserves (Note 1(g)) is shown below.

  Note 2018
Gold 1(d) 4,217 4,020
Shares in international and other institutions 1(b), 7 397 369
Property(a) 1(e), 8 300 332
Held for sale assets(a) 1(k), 7 106
As at 30 June   5,020 4,721

(a) An amount of $106 million was transferred from the asset revaluation reserve for property to the asset revaluation reserve for held for sale assets, representing the cumulative revaluation gain on the Bank's office building in Melbourne ($40 million of which was recorded during 2017/18, prior to its reclassification). Further detail is provided in Note 7