Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1999 Financial Statements Note 16 – Superannuation Funds

Two superannuation funds are operated pursuant to the Reserve Bank Act: the Reserve Bank of Australia Officers' Superannuation Fund (OSF) and the Reserve Bank of Australia UK Pension Scheme. A small part of the assets of the OSF are held by the Bank as nominee for the trustees of the OSF; such assets are not included in these statements. Payment of the funds' current and future benefits is funded by member and Bank contributions and the funds' existing asset bases. The Bank's contributions to the OSF in accordance with the Reserve Bank (Officers' Superannuation) Rules, and to the UK Pension Scheme in accordance with the UK Trust Deed, are included in staff costs in Note 2. Administration and other operational costs (eg salaries, overheads, legal costs and valuation fees) incurred by the Bank for superannuation arrangements are also included in Note 2. There were no other related-party transactions between the Bank and the funds during 1998/99.

At 30 June 1999, the OSF had a surplus of assets over accrued benefits of $185 million ($158 million at 30 June 1998). The UK Pension Scheme had a surplus equivalent to $5 million ($7 million at 30 June 1998). During 1998/99, the Bank made superannuation contributions of $3.0 million ($3.3 million in 1997/98).

Details of the Funds as at 30 June 1999 are as follows:

1999 $M 1998 $M
Reserve Bank Officers' Superannuation Fund
Accrued benefits 398 411
Net market value of assets 583 569
Surplus 185 158
Vested benefits 396 414
Reserve Bank of Australia UK Pension Scheme
Accrued benefits 19 18
Net market value of assets 24 25
Surplus 5 7
Vested benefits 19 21
Total Superannuation Funds
Accrued benefits 417 429
Net market value of assets 607 594
Surplus 190 165
Vested benefits 415 435

Accrued benefits refer to the present value of future benefits payable to current fund members, taking into account assumed future salary increases. Vested benefits are the benefits payable if all current members were to terminate their fund membership at balance date.