Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1990 Financial Statements Report of the Auditor-General

Auditor's Report on Financial Statements for Year Ended 30 June 1990

Pursuant to sub-section 81(1) of the Reserve Bank Act 1959, the Board has prepared and submitted for my report its financial statements for the year ended 30 June 1990 comprising:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Appropriation Statement, and
  • Notes to and forming part of the accounts.

The financial statements prepared by the Board are in accordance with the policies outlined in Note 1 to the Accounts and in accordance with the forms prescribed by the Reserve Bank Regulations as supplemented by additional information.

The statements have been audited in conformance with the Australian National Audit Office Auditing Standards which incorporate the Australian Auditing Standards.

Pursuant to sub-section 81(2) of the Act I now report that the financial statements are in agreement with the accounts and records of the Bank and in my opinion show fairly the financial operations for the year ended 30 June 1990 and the state of the affairs of the Bank as at that date, subject to the operations of the Act.

7 August 1990

J.C. Taylor