Reserve Bank of Australia Annual Report – 1967 Staff

The Board takes this opportunity to express its appreciation to the staff of the Bank for the efficient manner in which they, individually and as a team, undertook their duties throughout the year.

During 1966/67 there were fewer appointments to the Bank's staff than there had been in 1965/66 and over the year staff numbers fell by 37. At the 30th June there was a total staff of 3,121 which included 454 temporary employees. Of the total 915 were employed in the Administration, 1,499 in the branches and 707 at Note Issue Department, Melbourne.

During the year, Mr. J.M. Garland, an Adviser to the Governor, took up an appointment in the Philippines as Executive Director for Australia at the Asian Development Bank. Mr. G.W. Keep had earlier assisted with work associated with the formation of this Bank. Mr. T.J. Bartley continues as an alternate Executive Director with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Messrs. R.G. Sampson and John Beach continue on secondments with the Bank of Zambia and the Central Bank of Malaysia, respectively. Mr. R.M. Watson has taken an appointment as Economist with the South Pacific Commission. Mr. Marcus Diamond resumed from a three year secondment with the International Monetary Fund where Messrs. D.J. Cleary and D.J. Kelleher have taken up postings. Two officers were members of Government overseas trade missions and a member of the staff attended a central banking course at the Bank of England during the year.

Dr. W.G. Dewald, Associate Professor of Economics at the Ohio State University, joined the Bank on a short term appointment during the year. Mr. Odd Nordhus, an officer of the Bank of Norway, is nearing the end of a two year secondment to the Reserve Bank.

Mr. W.C.J. Gavan Duffy, Manager for Western Australia, retired during the year. It is recorded with regret that Mr. Alister Mutton, who had retired from the position of Adviser and Manager for Victoria early in the financial year, died in May 1967.