Payments System Board Annual Report – 2017 The Payments System Board's Announcements and Reserve Bank Reports

This section lists developments since mid 2016. The Payments System Board Annual Report 2006 contained a list of the Board's announcements, speeches and related Reserve Bank reports up to that time. Subsequent annual reports have contained an update.


Media Release 2016-19, ‘Payments System Board Update: August 2016 Meeting’, 19 August 2016

The New Regulatory Framework for Surcharging of Card Payments’, Tony Richards, 26th Annual Credit Law Conference, 14 September 2016

Sources of Financial Risk for Central Counterparties’, RBA Bulletin, September 2016

Card Payments and the Retail Sector’, Malcolm Edey, Australian Financial Review Retail Summit, 28 September 2016

Minimum Conditions for Safe and Effective Competition in Cash Equity Clearing in Australia, Council of Financial Regulators, Canberra, October 2016

Regulatory Expectations for Conduct in Operating Cash Equity Clearing and Settlement Services in Australia, Council of Financial Regulators, Canberra, October 2016

Media Release 2016-28, ‘Payments System Board Update: November 2016 Meeting’, 18 November 2016

Dual-Network Cards and Mobile Wallet Technology: Consultation Paper, Reserve Bank of Australia, Sydney, December 2016

The Future of Cash’, RBA Bulletin, December 2016


Media Release 2017-05, ‘Payments System Board Update: February 2017 Meeting’, 17 February 2017

How Australians Pay: New Survey Evidence’, RBA Bulletin, March 2017

Media Release 2017-10, ‘Payments System Board Update: May 2017 Meeting’, 19 May 2017

The Ongoing Decline of the Cheque System’, RBA Bulletin, June 2017