Payments System Board Annual Report – 2013 Abbreviations

ADI Authorised deposit-taking institution
APCA Australian Payments Clearing Association
APRA Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission
ATM Automated teller machine
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BIS Bank for International Settlements
CAC Act Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997
CCP Central counterparty
CFR Council of Financial Regulators
CGS Commonwealth Government Securities
CLS Continuous Linked Settlement
CNP Card not present
COIN Community of Interest Network
CPSS Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems
CS Clearing and settlement
DE Direct Entry
DTR Derivative Transaction Rules
DvP Delivery-versus-payment
EC European Commission
EEA European Economic Area
eftpos Electronic funds transfer at point of sale
EMEAP Executives' Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks
EMV EuroPay, MasterCard & Visa
ePAL eftpos Payments Australia Ltd
ESA Exchange Settlement Account
ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority
EU European Union
FMI Financial market infrastructures
FSB Financial Stability Board
FSS Financial Stability Standards
HLE High-level Expectations
HSVaR Historical Simulation of Value at Risk
IOSCO International Organization of Securities Commissions
IRS Interest rate swaps
LCH.C LCH.Clearnet Limited
LVSS Low Value Settlement Service
NPP New Payments Platform
OG Oversight Group
OTC Over-the-counter
PIN Personal Identification Number
PSB Payments System Board
PvP Payment-versus-payment
RBA Reserve Bank of Australia
RITS Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System
RTGS Real-time gross settlement
RTPC Real-Time Payments Committee
SCCI Specialist Credit Card Institution
SOF SWIFT Oversight Forum
SSF Securities settlement facility
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
TR Trade repository