Payments System Board Annual Report – 2011 Payments System Board – August 2011

Photograph of Glenn Stevens (Chairman)

Glenn Stevens (Chairman)

Chairman since 18 September 2006
Reserve Bank of Australia
Chairman – Council of Financial Regulators
Present term ends 17 September 2013

Photograph of Malcolm Edey (Deputy Chairman)

Malcolm Edey (Deputy Chairman)

Deputy Chairman since 14 April 2009
Assistant Governor (Financial System)
Reserve Bank of Australia
Member – Council of Financial Regulators

Photograph of John Laker AO

John Laker AO

Chairman – Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Member since 24 July 1998
Member – Council of Financial Regulators

Photograph of Joe Gersh AM

Joe Gersh AM

Member since 15 July 1998
Present term ends 14 July 2013
Executive Chairman – Gersh Investment Partners Ltd
Chairman – Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
Director – Sydney Institute

Photograph of Robert McLean AM

Robert McLean AM

Member since 29 November 2006
Present term ends 28 November 2011
Chairman – Australia Program Advisory Board, The Nature Conservancy (Australia)
Director – LJ Hooker Pty Ltd
Director – The Centre for Independent Studies
Senior Advisor – McKinsey & Company

Photograph of Catherine Walter AM

Catherine Walter AM

Member since 3 September 2007
Present term ends 2 September 2012
Chairman – Australian Synchrotron
Director – Australian Foundation Investment Company
Director – Victorian Funds Management Corporation
Director – Victorian Opera

Photograph of Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson

Member since 15 November 2010
Present term ends 14 November 2015
Pro-Chancellor – University of Technology, Sydney
Director – Bell Financial Group Ltd
Member – Foreign Investment Review Board