Payments System Board Annual Report – 2010 Payments System Board – August 2010

Photograph of Glenn Stevens (Chairman)

Glenn Stevens (Chairman)

Chairman since 18 September 2006
Present term ends 17 September 2013
Governor – Reserve Bank of Australia
Chairman – Council of Financial Regulators

Photograph of Malcolm Edey (Deputy Chairman)

Malcolm Edey (Deputy Chairman)

Deputy Chairman since 14 April 2009
Assistant Governor (Financial System) – Reserve Bank of Australia

Photograph of John Laker AO

John Laker AO

Chairman – Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Member since 24 July 1998

Photograph of Joe Gersh AM

Joe Gersh AM

Member since 15 July 1998
Present term ends 14 July 2013
Executive Chairman – Gersh Investment Partners Ltd
Chairman – Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation

Photograph of Robert McLean

Robert McLean

Member since 29 November 2006
Present term ends 28 November 2011
Director – LJ Hooker Pty Ltd
Senior Advisor – McKinsey & Company

Photograph of Catherine Walter AM

Catherine Walter AM

Member since 3 September 2007
Present term ends 2 September 2012
Chairman – Australian Synchrotron
Director – Australian Foundation Investment Company
Director – Melbourne Business School
Director – Victorian Funds Management Corporation
Director – Victorian Opera

John Poynton AM
Mr Poynton's term ended on 24 May 2010