Equity & Diversity Annual Report – 2018 Foreword

At the Reserve Bank, we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion in creating an organisation that attracts, supports and develops the most effective and productive employees. By doing this, we will be in the best position to serve the people of Australia.

We believe all our employees should be able to come to work and contribute fully, based on their broad range of experience and skill. To achieve this, the Bank is committed to supporting all of our people to succeed, regardless of their sex, age, race, disability, religion or sexual orientation.

Valuing diversity and promoting inclusion has provided the Bank with a foundation that has helped shape our culture. To build on this foundation, we regularly review our policies and processes to ensure we are meeting the needs of an ever-changing workforce. We encourage the participation of all our people in programs and initiatives designed to enhance our diversity and provide opportunity that may have been less accessible in the past to some individuals and groups.

Our employees have embraced the concepts of inclusion and actively participate in a range of projects, work groups and activities that celebrate and encourage diversity. This includes developing policies, raising awareness through education and information sessions, and sharing festivals and cultural celebrations.

This Equity & Diversity Annual Report, which relates to the 2017/18 financial year, shows the progress we are making as we strive to embed a range of diversity and inclusion initiatives that provide long-term benefits to the Bank and our people.

Guy Debelle Signature

Guy Debelle
Diversity and Inclusion Council
27 August 2018