Equity & Diversity Annual Report – 2011 List of graphs

Graph 1: Diversity Profile at the RBA

Graph 2: Number of Days Worked by Part-time Staff

Graph 3: Staff Working Part-time

Graph 4: Age Profile of Part-time Staff

Graph 5: Staff Commencing Parental Leave

Graph 6: Duration of Parental Leave

Graph 7: Women Completing Parental Leave

Graph 8: Purchased Leave Scheme Applications

Graph 9: Duration of Purchased Leave

Graph 10: Female Employment

Graph 11: Occupation

Graph 12: Employment of Women by Occupation

Graph 13: Managerial Positions by Gender

Graph 14: Women in Managerial Positions

Graph 15: Female Promotions

Graph 16: Female Graduate Recruits

Graph 17: Female Exits

Graph 18: Highest Educational Qualification

Graph 19: Training Participation

Graph 20: Staff by Age Group

Graph 21: Age Distribution of Female Staff

Graph 22: Age Distribution of Male Staff

Graph 23: Tenure Profile

Graph 24: Age at Exit

Graph 25: Staff with a Disability

Graph 26: Indigenous Australian Staff

Graph 27: Staff from a Non-English Speaking Background