Equity & Diversity Annual Report – 2007 Section 1: Equity & Diversity at the RBA


The Bank is committed to embedding the principles of equity and diversity into its everyday work practices. To assist in reaching this goal, the Workplace Diversity Plan 2006–2008 has been designed to promote and implement policies and resources to create a workplace that is fair, inclusive and free from all forms of unacceptable behaviour. The main goal of the Plan is to ensure that equity and diversity are viewed as mainstream to the Bank's operations and integral to its policies and programs.


The table below details the legal obligations that underpin the diversity program. The various pieces of legislation have provided a basis for the introduction of policies and practices aimed at ensuring a fair and equitable workplace.

Responsibility for Equity & Diversity

The Equity & Diversity Policy Committee has the responsibility to develop and implement the Bank's Workplace Diversity Plan. The Committee is a consultative body which makes recommendations to the Governor on equity and diversity issues. The Terms of Reference of the Committee are set out at Appendix 5.1.

The Head of each functional group has responsibility for equity and diversity activities and performance within their areas, with Staff Training & Development Section, Personnel Department providing specialist services to assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of the overall program.

Diversity Contact Managers within each function are responsible for monitoring implementation of the Diversity Plan in their department. All staff have a responsibility to ensure that the decisions they take and their actions in the workplace are consistent with equity and diversity principles. Overall accountability for the Bank's Equity & Diversity Program rests ultimately with the Governor.

Photograph of Equity & Diversity Policy Committee, 20th Anniversay Celebrations.
Equity & Diversity Policy Committee, 20th Anniversay Celebrations

Collection of Equity & Diversity Data

Voluntary information is sought from staff to provide their individual EEO information when they commence employment at the Bank. The EEO Form includes questions regarding disability, ethnic origin and education. The quality of the Bank's EEO statistics relies on the responses provided on this form. Additional information on speaking/writing abilities in languages other than English is also collected and updated every year thus providing a database for access by Bank staff for interpreter or translation assistance.


As part of the process of developing and implementing its enterprise agreements with staff, the Bank consults with workplace unions on a range of diversity issues. For the 2007 Enterprise Agreement the Bank also held extensive discussions with staff. The Bank also continues to consult with employees through a number of forums on diversity issues to encourage discussion, pass on information and gain feedback. Participation on working committees and project teams provided liaison with a range of staff on matters related to equity and diversity such as the Bank's childcare centre and staff amenities, flexible work arrangements and policies for staff with disabilities. Workshops and induction sessions took place throughout the year, including modules on equity and diversity, discrimination and harassment.

The principal means of providing information to staff about equity and diversity issues are via: Staff Matters, the staff newsletter, Currency, the monthly staff magazine and Personnel Department's intranet site. The Equity & Diversity Annual Report 2006 was distributed to staff via email, placed on the Bank's intranet and hard copies made available on request.