Equity & Diversity Annual Report – 2003 1. Equity & Diversity in the Bank

The RBA's formal commitment to the principles of merit and equal opportunity in the workplace goes back to the inception of its EEO program in 1984. The diagram below details the legal obligations that underpin the program. The various pieces of legislation have provided a basis for the introduction of policies and practices that have ensured a fair and equitable workplace.

Over time, whilst the legislative framework has remained the foundation of the RBA policy, the terminology has altered to reflect changing community attitudes and expectations. Diversity encompasses all aspects of life that individuals bring to the workplace. Diversity management encourages tolerance, appreciation and the valuing of difference. The RBA has two plans that reflect its commitment to a diverse workplace – the Workplace Diversity Plan and the Disability Action Plan. This is the first year that these two plans have been consolidated into the one report for review.