Equity & Diversity Annual Report – 2001 Consultation

Informing Employees

The Bank's intranet site has provided easier access by all staff to relevant information on equity and diversity.

During the year staff were informed about a range of EEO-related issues through Bank publications, Bank training courses and local management discussions. EEO segments were included in the orientation, supervision and management programs. A copy of the Bank's EEO Annual Report 2000 was distributed to each member of staff and made available on the Bank's intranet site.

In preparation for the new performance appraisal cycle, departments carry out an annual review of position descriptions for all staff in August. This is an opportunity to ensure descriptions accurately reflect job requirements ahead of the annual performance planning discussion and to reassess positions for inclusion of any special work requirements. Position Description Guidelines are available on the intranet site. All staff are reminded that two documents, the Standards of Conduct and What You Should Know about Health & Safety are included with the appraisal form. Staff (Level 5 & Below) review these documents at the beginning of each appraisal year to ensure they are aware of their contents.

The Bank's staff information sheet about employment issues, Staff Matters, was issued regularly during the year and distributed to all employees; it is also posted on the intranet for easier access by all staff. When appropriate, it included commentary on EEO issues. The Bank's monthly in-house staff magazine, Currency, also included items on a range of diversity issues. A collection of equity and diversity resources, which is maintained for use by managers and staff, includes videos on workplace harassment and discrimination and various personnel publications.

During the reporting period, Bank management and staff representatives jointly participated in various committees that consider issues relevant to EEO and diversity. These include the EEO Policy Committee, the Executive Committee, the Officers' Superannuation Fund Board of Trustees, the Occupational Health and Safety Committee, and as elected directors of the Reserve Bank Health Fund Limited.

Consultation with Workplace Unions

During the year the Bank consulted regularly with workplace unions, primarily on the development of new enterprise agreements for 2001 and 2002, to be certified by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and provide a basis for pay rises to staff in each of those years. Consultation also took place on a range of award, restructuring, health & safety and other general employment matters.