Equal Employment Opportunity Annual Report – 1992 Appendix 1

EEO Policy Committee: Terms of Reference


  • To assist the Bank to achieve its aims for equal opportunity in employment.


  • To make recommendations to the Bank on EEO principles and policy.
  • To keep under examination the development by Personnel Department of an EEO program.
  • To monitor and report periodically to the Governor on EEO.


  • The Committee will comprise four members:
    • Chairperson appointed by the Governor;
    • Head of Personnel or Acting Head of Personnel – ex-officio;
    • an officer nominated by the Reserve Bank Division of the Commonwealth Bank Officers' Association; and
    • an officer nominated by the Bank.

    The members nominated by the Division and the Bank may each have an alternate.

  • The Manager, EEO Unit shall participate as a non-voting member in all meetings of the Committee.
  • The Committee may invite participation in discussions by staff or unions representing particular work areas or having particular expertise in the matters under consideration.



  • The Senior EEO Officer (ex-officio) will act as Secretary to the Committee.


  • All members or their alternates must be present to constitute a quorum. The Chairperson must always be present.